American Wigeon
(Anas Americana)

Appearance - The male American Wigeon has a cream coloured crown and forehead, wide iridescent-green stripe running from the eye down the nape, the front face and throat are a black spotted creamy-white, blue-grey beak with black tip and black around the base, breast, flanks, and back are a pinkish-brown, white belly and undersides, and black under-tail. The female has mainly a grey-brown plumage, pale-blue beak with black tip, and white belly. Both sexes have grey legs and feet.

Notes - The American Wigeon is a medium-sized dabbling duck. It is sometimes called a Baldpate due to its white crown making it look bald. American Wigeons are a noisy duck.

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American Wigeon (Anas Americana) video
American Wigeon
American Wigeon (Anas Americana)