American Wood Duck
(Aix Sponsa)

Appearance - The male American Wood Duck has a long green/blue metalic crest. A white line extends from the beak, over the eye, and along the crest. There are also white markings along the base of the crest and the front of the throat. A red/brown breast, dark green/blue back and wings, white belly, red beak, and red eyes. The female is much less colourful with a greyish brown plumage, white eye-ring, whitish throat, and grey beak.

Notes - The American Wood Duck or Carolina Duck is a medium sized perching duck. There was a serious decline of Wood ducks in the 19th century due to hunting for both meat and plumage. During the 20th century numbers rapidly increased due to protection and development of artificial nesting boxes. This duck nests in tree hollows and has sharp claws to help it grip when perching.

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American Wood Duck - April 2013

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American Wood Duck - May 2013
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American Wood Duck (Aix Sponsa) video
American Wood Duck
American Wood Duck (Aix Sponsa)