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Andean Goose (Chloephaga Melanoptera) Video page

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Andean Goose

Appearance: - The Andean Goose is a bulky goose with mainly white plumage except for black in the wings and black tail, a short pink beak with black tip, dark brown eyes, and orange-red legs and webbed feet. Both sexes are alike but the male is slightly larger.

Notes: - The Andean Goose belongs to the Shelduck subfamily Tadorninae, and is usually found in groups grazing near water at very high altitudes in the Andes. They do not swim very well and prefer to be on land, only taking to water when threatened.

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Andean Goose - September 2012

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Andean Goose (Chloephaga Melanoptera) video

Andean Goose
Andean Goose (Chloephaga Melanoptera)