Baer's Pochard
(Aythya Baeri)

Appearance - The male Baer's Pochard has a glossy greenish-black head and neck, blue-grey beak with black tip, white eyes, rich chestnut-brown breast, upperparts are blackish-brown, wings and tail are dark brown, a white vent, speculum is white tipped with black, the belly is white, the fore-flank is whitish with the rest of the flank being light-brown, and greyish legs and feet. The female is similar but slightly duller, less rufous, and the eyes are dark brown.

Notes - The Baer's Pochard is an east-Asian diving duck. There has been a rapid decline in numbers of this duck in the last ten years and it has recently been classed as 'Endangered'. Reasons for the decline include on-going hunting, and habitat loss due to wetland drainage.

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Baer's Pochard - March 2011

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 Baer's Pochard - October 2012
Baer's Pochard - October 2012

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Baer's Pochard (Aythya Baeri) video
Baer's Pochard
Baer's Pochard (Aythya Baeri)