Brazilian Duck or Brazilian Teal
(Amazonetta Brasiliensis)

Appearance - The male Brazilian Duck has a light-brown plumage, dark crown, pale grey cheeks, red beak, dark-brown eyes, rufous brown breast, brown-black tail, iridescent green-blue upper wings and dark lower wings, and legs and feet are orange-red. The female is similar but has a duller plumage, grey beak, a small white patch above the eye, white throat, and duller legs and feet.

Notes - The Brazilian Duck is sometimes considered to be a perching duck as it will perch in trees, however it may now also be considered to be a South American dabbling duck. This duck is fairly widespread throughout South America and is quite common.

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Brazilian Duck - August 2011 & July 2012

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Brazilian Duck - March 2014
Brazilian Duck - March 2014

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Brazilian Duck (Amazonetta Brasiliensis) video
Brazilian Duck
Brazilian Duck (Amazonetta Brasiliensis)