Brent Goose
(Branta Bernicla)

Appearance - The small Brent Goose has a black head, neck and upper-breast, with white markings or collar around the neck, short black beak, upperparts are greyish-brown, tail-coverts and sides of rump are white, underparts are pale brownish-grey or whitish, flight feathers and short tail are black, and the legs and feet are black. Both sexes are alike with the female being smaller.

Notes - The Brent Goose or Brant Goose belongs to the Branta genus and has three sub-species: Dark-bellied Brent, Light-bellied (Atlantic) Brent, and the Black Brent (Pacific). Dark-bellied Brents breed in arctic Russia, Light-bellied Brents in Greenland, and Black Brent in Arctic Canada. These birds breed further north than any other goose.

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Brent Goose - May 2012

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Brent Goose - October 2018
Brent Goose - October 2018

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Brent Goose (Branta Bernicla) video
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Brent Goose (Branta Bernicla)