Cape Barren Goose
(Cereopsis Novaehollandiae)

Appearance - The Cape Barren Goose is a bulky goose with a pale grey plumage and small black spots on its wing feathers, the tail and flight feathers are blackish, a green-yellow cere on its short black beak, legs are pink and webbed feet are black. Both sexes are alike but the male is slightly larger.

Notes - The Cape Barren Goose is also known as the Pig Goose as it makes a grunting sound like a pig. This goose has the ability to drink salty or brackish water which enables it to remain on offshore islands all year round. In the 1950s this goose was close to extinction, but steps have been taken to increase the population, however it is still one of the rarest species of Goose in the world today. This bird feeds by grazing and rarely swims.

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Cape Barren Goose - March 2011 & March 2012

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Cape Barren Goose - September 2012
Cape Barren Goose - September 2012

Cape Barren Goose - May 2016
Cape Barren Goose - May 2016

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Cape Barren Goose (Cereopsis Novaehollandiae) video
Cape Barren Goose
Cape Barren Goose (Cereopsis Novaehollandiae)