Ferruginous Duck
(Aythya Nyroca)

Appearance - The male Ferruginous Duck has a rich chestnut head, neck, and breast, grey beak and striking white eyes, a dark collar around the base of the neck, upperparts are dark-brown, speculum is white, flanks are reddish-brown, a white belly and white under the tail coverts and legs and feet are grey. The female is duller and browner with brown eyes, and like the male it has white undertail coverts.

Notes - The Ferruginous Duck is a medium-sized Eurasian diving duck known colloquially as the Fudge Duck. The name 'Ferruginous' means rust coloured. It has also been called the White-eyed Pochard.

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Ferruginous Duck - August & October 2011 & May 2013

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Ferruginous Duck (Aythya Nyroca) video
Ferruginous Duck
Ferruginous Duck (Aythya Nyroca)