Lake Duck
(Oxyura Vittata)

Appearance - The male Lake Duck in breeding season has a deep chestnut body, a black head and neck, a blue beak, brown eyes, whitish abdomen, grey tail, dark-brown wings, and the legs and feet are dark grey. During non-breeding season the male looks similar to the female but with some reddish feathers on the body. The female has a dark-brown head with a whitish lower head and foreneck, a whitish stripe under the eye, dark-grey beak, and brown body.

Notes - The Lake Duck is also sometimes called the Argentine Ruddy Duck, Argentine Blue-billed Duck, or Argentine Blue-bill and is a South American stiff-tail duck.

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Lake Duck - May 2012

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Lake Duck (Oxyura Vittata) video
Lake Duck
Lake Duck (Oxyura Vittata)