Lesser Scaup
(Aythya Affinis)

Appearance - The male Lesser Scaup has a black head and neck with a purplish gloss or sometimes a greenish sheen, a small tuft at the hind-crown, yellow eyes, pale-blue beak with a black tip, a black breast, white underparts with flanks being white with some vermiculation, tail is blackish and undertail is blackish-brown, a whitish-grey back with dark vermiculations, and legs and feet are greyish-green. The female has a dark brown head, neck, breast, and back, a white band around the base of the beak, orange eyes, and a white belly and underparts. The lesser Scaup is very similar in appearance to the Greater Scaup.

Notes - The Lesser Scaup is a small North American diving duck which is sometimes called the Little Bluebill or Broadbill. It is the most common diving duck in North America.

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Lesser Scaup (Aythya Affinis) video
Lesser Scaup
Lesser Scaup (Aythya Affinis)