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Maccoa Duck Oxyura Maccoa Video page

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Maccoa Duck

Male - The male Maccoa Duck has a chestnut coloured body, black head, bright blue beak, stiff black tail, upper wings are dark brown and underwings greyish-white, belly and undertail are whitish, eyes are dark brown, and legs and webbed feet are grey.
Female - The female has a grey-brown body, dark brown crown, nape, and cheek-stripe, and a dark grey beak.
Eclipse - The male in eclipse plumage is very similar to the female but has a darker head and face markings.

Notes: - The Maccoa Duck is a small shy African stiff-tail duck which feeds by diving underwater for extended periods. When alarmed they tend to dive underwater rather than take flight as they struggle to take-off and only fly short distances.

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Maccoa Duck - August 2011 & July 2012

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Maccoa Duck - May 2016

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Maccoa Duck (Anas Falcata) video

Maccoa Duck
Maccoa Duck (Anas Falcata)