(Gallinula Chloropus)

Appearance - The Moorhen has a brown back, blue-grey undersides, with white under the tail, yellow legs and feet, and a distinctive red frontal face shield and beak, tipped with yellow. Both sexes look alike.

Notes - The Moorhen is usually found foraging beside the water amongst the vegetation. They are quite common and can be seen in many places around the world. They are sometimes confused with the Coot which is related to the Moorhen although the Coot has a white beak and face-shield while the Moorhen has a red beak and face-shield.

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Moorhen - March, June & October 2011

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 Moorhen - March, May & July 2012
Moorhen - March, May & July 2012

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Moorhen (Gallinula Chloropus) video
Moorhen (Gallinula Chloropus)