Mute Swan
(Cygnus Olor)

Appearance - The Mute Swan is one of the largest and heaviest flying birds. They are all white with a slight yellow-orange tinge on top of the head, orange-red beak which has a black tip, the legs and feet are black, and they have a distinctive black knob above the beak which is much larger on the male (Cob) than the slightly smaller female (Pen). The cygnets are grey-brown with grey legs and beak.

Notes - The Mute Swan is the largest species of Swan and also the least vocal which is how it came by its name. However, you can hear a distinctive throbbing sound from its powerful wings during flight which is unique to its species and can be heard from up to a mile away.

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Mute Swan - October 2011 & September 2013

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 Mute Swan - September 2015
Mute Swan - September 2015

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Mute Swan (Cygnus Olor) video
Mute Swan
Mute Swan (Cygnus Olor)