Northern Shoveler
(Anas Clypeata)

Appearance - The male Northern Shoveler has a metallic green head, yellow-orange eyes, large black spatula shaped beak, white breast, chestnut undersides and flanks, the rump and upper-tail are black, the sides of the rump are white, pale-blue forewing feathers, green speculum bordered with white, and the legs and feet are orange-red. The female has the same large spatula shaped beak which is grey-brown, and is mostly mottled-brown and buff with a bluish shoulder patch.

Notes - The Northern Shoveler is a dabbling duck with an extremely large range from North America, Europe to Asia.

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Northern Shoveler - March 2012

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Northern Shoveler - April 2013
Northern Shoveler - April 2013

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Northern Shoveler (Anas Clypeata) video
Northern Shoveler
Northern Shoveler (Anas Clypeata)