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Pink-footed Goose Anser Brachyrhyncus Video page

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Pink-footed Goose

Appearance: - The Pink-footed Goose has a grey-brown body, darker brown head and neck, short bright pink beak with a black tip and base, white rump and vent, grey tail with white tip, and pink legs and feet. Both sexes are alike. This goose has been considered to be a sub-species of the Bean Goose and looks similar but the Pink-footed Goose can be recognised by its stubby pink beak, pink legs, short neck, and small rounded head.

Notes: - The Pink-footed Goose is a medium-sized goose of the Anser genus (Grey Goose). Very large wintering flocks can be seen grazing on farmland and large skeins of these geese make a deafening high-pitched honking call. The population is large and has risen over the last 50 years due to protection from hunting.

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Pink-footed Goose - December 2017

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Pink-footed Goose - April 2018
Pink-footed Goose - April 2018

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Pink-footed Goose (Anser Brachyrhyncus) video

Pink-footed Goose
Pink-footed Goose (Anser Brachyrhyncus)