Puna Teal
(Anas Puna)

Appearance - The Puna Teal has a black cap which extends to below the eyes, creamy-white lower face and neck, pale blue beak with black line running down middle, the breast, back, and flanks are grey-brown with dark brown spots, rear flanks are grey-brown with thin stripes, wings are brown with green speculum, and legs and feet are dark grey. Both sexes are similar.

Notes - The Puna Teal used to be considered a sub-species of the Silver Teal. Puna means a type of dry tussock grass moorland of the high Andes above 4000 metres where this bird is found. This duck has a similar plumage to the Hottentot Teal and the Silver Teal.

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Puna Teal - August, October 2011 & July 2013

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Puna Teal (Anas Puna) video
Puna Teal
Puna Teal (Anas Puna)