(Tadorna Tadorna)

Appearance - The male Shelduck has a dark glossy green head and neck. The lower neck and upper breast are white with a chestnut-brown band around the breast and mantle. The underside is mostly white and the wings have black primary and secondary feathers with white forewings. The beak is red with a conspicuous knob on the upper base, and the legs are pink. The female is similar but is smaller, duller, and does not have the knob on its beak.

Notes - Shelducks are very large ducks which spend more time out of water than most other ducks. In July many moulting flocks migrate to north-west Germany leaving the juveniles behind with a few adult birds to look after them.

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Common Shelduck - June 2011 & March 2012

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Shelduck (Tadorna Tadorna) video
Shelduck (Tadorna Tadorna)