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New Zealand Scaup Aythya Novaeseelandiae

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New Zealand Scaup

Male - The male New Zealand Scaup has a black head and neck with a green and purple sheen, bright yellow eyes, blue-grey beak with black tip, blackish-brown breast, upperparts, and tail, brown flanks, paler underparts, dark-brown wings with white secondary flight feathers, and the legs and feet are dark-grey.
Female - The female has a lighter brown plumage, lacks the bright yellow eyes of the male, and has a white patch on the face around the beak.

Size: - Typical Adult is 40-46cm (16-18in).

Food: - Aquatic plants, small fish, snails, mussels, insects, and larvae.

Habitat/Range: - Freshwater lakes, ponds, and coastal lagoons throughout New Zealand's North and South Islands. It is endemic to New Zealand and non-migratory.

New Zealand Scaup Map
Breeding Habitat/Resident,    Migration or Winter Area.

Breeding Season: - October to March.

Eggs: - 5 to 8 (Creamy-white colour).

Notes: - The New Zealand Scaup, also commonly called the Black Teal, is a diving duck which is endemic to New Zealand. Unlike other Scaup, the New Zealand Scaup does not migrate. The Maori's call this duck a Papango.

Conservation status (IUCN 3.1):
  Least Concern.  

Classification: - Family: Anatidae,
Subfamily: Aythyinae, Genus: Aythya.

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New Zealand Scaup
New Zealand Scaup (Aythya Novaeseelandiae) -