Welcome to Wildfowl Photography. Below you will find links to Ducks, Geese, and Swans from all over the world, listed alphabetically. Each page includes information, photographs, and video.

Wildfowl (listed alphabetically):
     A-B    C-F    G-L    M-R    S-Z   
Wildfowl Identification:
  Coot & Moorhen
    All About Ducks
    All Types of Ducks
    Female Ducks
    Ducks in Eclipse Plumage
    British Ducks
    North American Ducks
    Dabbling Ducks
    Diving Ducks
    Perching Ducks
    Sea Ducks
    Stiff-tail Ducks
    Whistling Ducks
    Domestic Ducks
    All Types of Geese Species
    Black Geese
    Grey Geese
    White Geese
    British Geese
    North American Geese
    Domestic Geese

Duck External Anatomy
Duck Plumage

Identification Quiz

WWT Centres:
    WWT Arundel
    WWT Caerlaverock
    WWT Castle Espie
    WWT London
    WWT Martin Mere
    WWT Llanelli
    WWT Slimbridge
    WWT Washington
    WWT Welney

    Wildfowl Photography
    Wildfowl Basics
    Desktop Wallpapers
    Wildfowl Video Footage
    Wildfowl Shop


If you have seen and photographed a Duck, Goose, or Swan and are struggling to identify it then you can email a photograph to us and we will do our best to identify it for you.

You can also post your wildfowl photos on our Facebook page to show them or ask for them to be identified.

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Gadwall - copyright Dave Key.
Wildfowl Photography

This website contains photographs, videos, and information on many species of wildfowl (Ducks, Geese, and Swans) from around the world. There are also Cranes, Flamingos, Screamers, as well as Coot and Moorhen.

Hopefully this will be a useful resource for identifying and learning about different types of wildfowl.

Wildfowl are listed in alphabetical order A-B, C-F, G-L, M-R, S-Z and each page contains photographs, call, video and information (appearance, size, food, habitat, range (with maps), breeding season, eggs, conservation status, classification and interesting notes).

To help in quickly identifying a Duck, there is a page with all 'types of ducks' which contains thumbnail photographs of most of the ducks of the world. The thumbnail can be clicked to enlarge the photograph or there is a link to more details, photographs, and video of the duck. Ducks are also listed under 'Dabbling Ducks', 'Diving Ducks', 'Perching Ducks', 'Sea Ducks', 'Shelducks', 'Stiff-tail Ducks', and 'Whistling Ducks'. There are also pages containing 'Female Ducks', 'Ducks in Eclipse plumage', 'British Ducks', and 'Domestic Ducks'. To help with the terminology there is also a page of 'Duck external anatomy' which tells you the name of different parts of a duck.

There is a page to help you quickly 'identify a Goose' which contains many geese of the world. Geese are also listed under 'Black Geese (Branta)', 'Grey Geese (Anser)', and 'White Geese (Chen)'.

Identification pages can be found for identifying 'Swans', 'Cranes', 'Flamingos', 'Screamers', and 'Moorhen/Coot'.

WWT Centres
Many of the photographs in this website are taken at 'WWT Centres in the UK', and WWT Slimbridge in particular.

There are nine WWT Centres in the UK including Slimbridge in Gloucestershire, Arundel in West Sussex, Caerlaverock in Dumfriesshire, Castle Espie in County Down, London , Martin Mere in Lancashire, Llanelli in Carmarthenshire, Washington in Tyne & Wear, and Welney in Norfolk.