Hawaiian Goose (Nene)
(Branta Sandvicensis)

Appearance - The Hawaiian Goose has a black crown, black nape, black on the front of the face, black chin, buff cheeks and sides of the heavily furrowed neck, and dark ring at base of the neck. The body is grey-brown with upperparts having barred appearance, rump and tail are black. Eyes, beak and legs are black. Both sexes are alike.

Notes - The Hawaiian Goose is the world's rarest goose. Hunting and predators reduced this species to just 30 birds in 1952, however thanks to leading conservationist Sir Peter Scott, the Hawaiian Goose was bred in captivity at Slimbridge, UK and re-introduced to Hawaii where numbers have now increased. The Hawaiian Goose can be found in captivity at all the WWT centres. The Hawaiian name Nene comes from its soft call.

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Current video:

Hawaiian Goose - March 2011, August 2011 & March 2012

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 Hawaiian Goose - September 2013
Hawaiian Goose - September 2013

 Hawaiian Goose - April 2015
Hawaiian Goose - April 2015

 Hawaiian Goose - May 2016
Hawaiian Goose - May 2016

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Hawaiian Goose (Nene) (Branta Sandvicensis) video
Hawaiian Goose
Hawaiian Goose (Nene) (Branta Sandvicensis)