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Southern Pochard Netta Erythrophthalma Video page

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Southern Pochard

Male - The Male Southern Pochard has a black head, neck and breast with a purple iridescence, bright red eyes, pale blue-grey beak with black tip, chestnut coloured flanks, dark brown tail, dark brown upperparts, and legs and feet are blue-grey to blackish.
Female - The female has a reddish-brown head with dark crown, brown below the brown eyes and white throat and cheeks, brown underparts, white undertail, and dark brown upperparts.

Notes: - The Southern Pochard is a diving duck. There are two sub-species of this duck, the South American Southern Pochard (Netta Erythrophthalma Erythrophthalma ), and the African Southern Pochard (Netta Erythrophthalma Brunnea ). This duck is more common and widespread in Africa than in South America. The Southern Pochard feeds by dabbling, up-ending or diving usually at night.

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Southern Pochard - September 2012

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Southern Pochard (Netta Erythrophthalma) video

Southern Pochard
Southern Pochard (Netta Erythrophthalma)